How To Change Your Shape and Stay that Way Without Eating Crazy Things or Killing Yourself at the Gym. 

If you're finally ready to love what you see in the mirror, lose weight, and keep it off, then join me where I will show you 3 invaluable tools to help you transform your relationship with food and your body forever. 

Let the journey begin!


The simple way to know when to start and stop eating.


How to stop emotional eating with one key question.


The little-known secret to eating without guilt. 

Meet Lesley Goth PsyD.

Lesley has specialized in Eating Disorders since 2001 and overcome her own struggles with body image and weight. Her own healing has led her to help hundreds of women find the same healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Lesley helps frustrated, exhausted, and unconfident women who struggle with emotional eating, self-loathing, and feeling out of control in their bodies, learn a new relationship with food and themselves to finally feel confident/beautiful in their daily lives.

If you're done being sick and tired of dieting, losing weight only to gain it all back, then this life changing webinar is for you! You will learn 3 new mindsets and tools that will change your relationship with food and your body forever. If you don't know when to start or stop eating, if you turn to food for emotional comfort, or if you ever feel guilty or shameful for what you eat, then don't miss out on this class. Your sustainable weight loss journey starts now!